Which Headliner Caption Style Performs Best?

We’re on a mission to figure out what kinds of videos do best for promoting audio on social media, and will be using Headliner to test different variations of audiograms and see what comes out on top. As you may have seen in our previous posts, we were looking for the best way to do a proper A/B test on social media and found Facebook’s Split Testing Platform for Ads to be the easiest way to do this. 

For this test, we teamed up with The Saturday Light Brigade Radio, here’s a little bit about them, “SLB Radio Productions, Inc. (SLB) uses radio and audio to encourage, amplify, share and archive the ideas, stories, and feelings of children, youth and families.”

This clip is from their awesome Crossing Fences Podcast which features “African American boys and young men creating oral histories showcasing the lives and accomplishments of local (Pittsburgh) African American men. From anesthesiologists to barber shop owners, entrepreneurs to engineers, and coaches to deacons, over 170 men have been interviewed”

Saturday Light Brigade Radio Test

This test is all about caption styles. We wanted to see how our seven preset styles fared against each other. Unfortunately, Facebook split testing only works for up to five different units, so we didn’t get to test two of the styles. We chose the five styles that are most unique from each other for the test (sorry Dark Background and Large Heading, we love you both, but you’re just too similar to Default and Centered Heading).

Check out the results below.

#1: Bold Description

#2: Block Description

#3: Centered Heading

#4: Default/Standard

#5: Italics

We put these video units into a Traffic Acquisition Split test. The units appeared as follows:

Screen Shot of Video Ad Unit


The Results

#1 Bold Description35157826.07%$0.11
#2 Block Description33156835.82%$0.12
#3 Centered Heading31454985.71%$0.13
#4 Default31156265.53%$0.13
#5 Italics22651094.42%$0.18

Bold Description ruled the test, getting a CTR of a little over 6%, followed by the similar style Block Description at 5.82%. Both of these styles feature bold, large text that take over the lower third of the video, something to consider when you’re deciding which caption style to use for your next video.

Finally, if you have a podcast and want to team up for a similar test, support@headliner.app!

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