Top Ten Podcast Videos of the Week – May 29, 2020

This Week’s Top 10 Podcast Videos

One our favorite parts of working on Headliner is getting to see all of your awesome videos. Each week, we ask you to share videos you have made with Headliner to Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and tag @HeadlinerVideo to make sure we see it. This week we got some amazing submissions, and here are 10 of our favorites!

10. Ready Set Pwn

Ready Set Pwn is the passion project podcast of Chris Golden, and features news and stories from the world of the Vancouver Titans Overwatch League. The folks from Ready Set Pwn shared an amazing podcast video to Twitter this week to announce an episode featuring Adam Adamou. The Ready Set Pwn folks chose a bright crimson red background that grabs the eye, and set it off with a simple black waveform.

9. Journey With Mpho

Journey With Mpho follows the spiritual exploration of host Mpho Moloi as she speaks with individuals from unique and powerful walks of life. Journey With Mpho is turning one, and to celebrate, Mpho shared a video promoting a new episode of the podcast. Mpho and guest and spoken word poet Zarqui. Mpho proved that you don’t need flashy colors to create an eye-catching video, and opted instead for a black and white motif featuring a title, photos, and a simple waveform. 

8. Hot Flashes Cool Topics

A frank, funny, and informative podcast about women in mid-life and beyond, Hot Flashes Cool Topics focuses on the freedom that comes with achieving a certain age. In this week’s episode, the hosts of Hot Flashes Cool Topics interview Nancy Davis Kho about her new book The Thank You Project. To promote the ep, they shared an awesome Headliner video featuring artwork from the cover of the book and a simple dot waveform. 

7. #ACoupleThat

The #ACoupleThat podcast features relationship advice from real-life couple Paul and Elie as they go through their own journey discovering what it means to be in a healthy, loving relationship. Paul and Elie promoted their 8th episode with a stunning monochromatic podcast video complete with multiple shades of green and a lime waveform that ties the whole aesthetic together perfectly.

6. Dad Time Out

Dad Time Out features the parenting stories of four dads with 12 kids between them. The dads discuss their kids, their spouses, pop culture, life, and all things dad. Keeping things simple, the guys from Dad Time Out shared a basic podcast video featuring a static image overlaid with an electric blue waveform to promote this week’s episode

5.  Life With Caca

Life With Caca shares stories from producers working in every corner of the entertainment industry with Emmy nominated producer host Carolina Groppa. The folks at Life With Caca have created an amazing custom template that they use to tie together all of their Headliner videos. You can see their design in action in this video promoting their 32nd episode with guest Dejan Poletan

4. Liv Luv Lux

Nicole, host of Liv Luv Lux shared a beautiful podcast video complete with tons of animations including a “sound on” sticker to let viewers know that there is sound to be heard. The Liv Luv Lux podcast is all about teaching listeners to manifest the things they want with focus, intention, and imagination. In the most recent episode, Nicole discusses manifesting financial success, something we could all use a little of these days!

3. The Set Up Series

We love seeing our followers use our pre-made templates, and this week, we saw some awesome examples. The Set Up Series features unique stories from people working professionally in the music industry and is hosted by musician and creator Sydney Oberholtzer. To promote their recent episode, the folks at The Set Up Series shared a podcast video featuring the “White Rectangle” template available in the Headliner app. 

2. The Healer and the Inspector

The Healer and the Inspector is all about current events from the perspective of perfect strangers Sonjia (a healer) and Antonio (a termite inspector) that met on Craigslist. The folks from The Healer and the Inspector shared a short podcast video that perfectly exemplifies simplicity to promote a recent episode. A basic black background, bright red waveform, and bottom-third captions are all that is needed to draw listeners in. 

1. More Than Just a Movie

As much as we love simplicity, we also love bright, eye-catching visuals, and this final video is a great example of just that. Hosted by Austin Gates, More Than Just a Movie is a podcast that delves deep into all things relating to movies and media! This week, Austin used Headliner to create an amazing video sharing a clip from the very first episode of More Than Just a Movie more than 5 years ago!

Want to see your podcast featured in Headliner’s next top 10 list? Share your videos to Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and be sure to tag @HeadlinerVideo so we see your amazing creations!