Top Ten Podcast Videos of the Week, May 15, 2020

Weekly Top Ten Audiograms

The world of podcasting is home to countless incredibly talented creators that help fuel the work we do every day. Now, we’re thrilled to be able to see how the people that inspired us are using the Headliner app to attract new listeners, and are constantly inspired by the amazing videos being created by our user base. Headliner is helping podcasters to reach new audiences and promote their shows on social platforms where they may otherwise be missed. 

Now, without further ado, here are ten of our favorite videos this week :

10. Listen, Rinse, Repeat

Listen, Rinse, Repeat is a super unique podcast created in direct response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This one-of-a-kind podcast rarely has episodes longer than 30 seconds, and in fact, are designed to keep you entertained only for the 20 or so seconds it takes to wash your hands. This week, Jackie Jorgenson, an actor and screenwriter, took on the Listen, Rinse, Repeat stage to share a short audio drama! To promote the ep., Jackie shared an awesome audiogram featuring the simple show logo, a waveform, and captions.

9. Sci-Fi Talk Official

A podcast dedicated to discussing genre with actors, writers, directors, and other creators, Sci-Fi Talk Official delves deep into everything from the latest releases to timeless classics. In this week’s episode, the folks at Sci-Fi Talk Official get to know Ashley Nicole Williams, as she shares details from the set of Motherland. To promote the ep, Sci-Fi Talk Official released an awesome audiogram. Their unique design includes a small-sized waveform within the graphics of the video rather than laid over the top. 

8. Poopcast the Podcast

If you hadn’t already guessed, Poopcast the Podcast is a raucously hilarious podcast all about laughing and, well, poop. To promote a special episode with guest Sandy Danto, Rachel and Hannah of Poopcast the Podcast shared their version of one of our favorite audiogram templates, Motif. Complete with a top-left-corner ‘sound on’ animation, a background waveform, and groovy colors that match Poopcast the Podcast’s cover art, we think they nailed it with their first Headliner video! 

7. fizzycal

This is a super creative example from Fizzycal – from their website

“Former garage MC and local success story with a very long name introduces a behind the scenes podcast companion to unconventional mini-documentaries celebrating physical activity.

“Think of it as a sort of audio documentary, meets director’s commentary, meets a sort of therapy session but with less breakdowns and a touch of humour.”

6. The Who & How Club

Hosted by Arys Déjan, The Who & How Club is a podcast dedicated to learning how people became who they are. For a special Mother’s Day episode, Arys Déjan sits down with mom to discover what it takes to show unconditional love. In order to promote the ep., the folks at The Who & How Club shared a simple Headliner audiogram that features a background made to look like a music-player screen. This familiar design helps to make audiograms more approachable, and help viewers to recognize that the content includes audio and is not just static images or video.

5. Coaching for Inspiration with Patti

Patti Oskvarek is a Life and Work Coach, and has now brought her wisdom to her very own podcast. The Coaching for Inspiration with Patti podcast helps listeners to focus on living life with purpose and confidence. To promote a recent episode on reaching mid-life, Patti shared a beautiful Headliner audiogram that features an ombre purple background and a unique circular waveform peaking out from behind the podcast’s cover art.

4. Dive Into Discussion

We’ve shared a video by Dive Into Discussion before, but we had to again since they always share an awesome variety of videos! In this week’s episode, guest Josephine Agius discusses quantum healing and connecting with your higher self. To promote the ep., the folks at Dive Into Discussion kept it simple, sharing an audiogram that features a simple photo of Josephine and a basic flickering dot waveform. 

3. The Safe Travels Podcast

The Safe Travels Podcast is always chock full of tips for traveling without the headache, and this week is no different. Former teacher and professional travel advisor Kirsten Maxwell shares her tips for making vacation exciting and educational. To promote the episode, host Damian Tysdal shared a simple audiogram featuring a bright pop of yellow and a basic waveform. 

2. The Mind Takeaway Podcast

Focused on helping leaders to become more successful in their roles, the Mind Takeaway Podcast features interviews with industry professionals, tips, tricks, and stories of success, failure, and learning. On this week’s episode, host Peter Griffiths talks to guest Glenn Behenna about sustainable leadership and doing the right thing. A still from their video conference, a simple waveform, and basic captions round out this awesome Headliner audiogram

1. The Downtown Writers Jam Podcast

A touching, funny, and fascinating podcast, The Downtown Writers Jam Podcast features the stories of authors and their road to writing. For this week’s episode, host Brad King shared a super detailed audiogram complete with multiple still images, captions, and a simple waveform. 

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