Top 10 Podcast Videos of the Week – May 1, 2020

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One of our favorite parts of the week here at Headliner has got to be the time we take to look through how our followers are using the app. We love seeing the creative ways podcasters around the world use the Audiogram Wizard to create amazing videos, and the thrill of watching our latest updates, templates, and app features be put to use will never get old. 

This week, we’re featuring ten videos made by Headliner users that got us feeling excited and inspired. We’ve scoured our Twitter and Instagram feeds to select some of our favorites, so without further ado, here are our top 10 podcast videos of the week: 

10. Nerdherder: A Star Wars Podcast

If you like sincere deep dives into the intricacies of the Star Wars universe and the fandom, then you’ll love Nerherder: A Star Wars Podcast. The dynamic duo behind this nerdy and often heart-string-pulling series put together an awesome podcast video this week using Headliner. The Nerdherder folks added some eye-catching imagery and made use of the progress bar feature to give their minute-long clip from this week’s show some visual appeal. 

9. Pushing The Limits

Lisa Tamati from the Pushing The Limits podcast shared a short podcast video using one of our newest templates, Cubetica, which features a mesmerizing rotating cube depicting the cover art of the podcast. This week, with lots of world health news circulating, Lisa talks with clinical nutritionist Ben Warren about immunity and other health-related topics.

8. I Used to Watch This?

The team over at the I Used to Watch This? podcast used Headliner to create a video for a short clip of this week’s episode in which Mike Frighetto and Mike Sullivan discuss The Dukes of Hazzard. Mike and Mike made great use of the Audiogram Wizard and included a bright blue waveform to go with the bright colors in their cover art.

7. Dead Pixels Society

When imaging experts start using your video making product, you know you must be on a roll! Dead Pixels Society, a podcast for news, updates, information, and everything from the world of photography and imaging shared an excellent podcast video they made using the Headliner app this week.

6. Takin A Break

Nick and Bella from the Takin A Break podcast shared an awesome Headliner video featuring their new outro music! On Instagram, you aren’t able to scroll through videos, so including a progress bar helps viewers to stay focused and commit to enjoying the full video experience. In addition to a progress bar, the Takin A Break duo added an awesome waveform for even more visual interest.

5. BAOS: Craft Beer Podcast

The craft beer community exists worldwide, with tons of independent brewers around the globe creating awesome brews that would get even the most jaded beer drinker excited. The BAOS: Craft Beer Podcast shares stories of international craft beers and their creators, and this week, they used Headliner to create an awesome podcast video! The folks at BAOS like their podcast videos like they like their beer, which is why they crafted their own custom template.

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4. Talking To Myself With Friends

The hilarious Quinn Fitzgerald may be the brilliant mind behind the crazy funny Talking To Myself With Friends podcast, but that doesn’t mean there’s any joking around when it comes to promoting the show. Savvy podcasters know that lots of people browse social media with their devices on silent, which makes getting people to listen to podcast clips pretty difficult. To combat the dreaded silenced phone, Quinn included captions to this week’s promotional podcast video

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3. Dr mOe Anderson’s Podcast

Captions help to make sure the message of your video comes across, and can help viewers/listeners retain the information they have just consumed. Dr. mOe Anderson used captions in her Headliner video this week to help make her message of self-empowerment clearer. A life coach and humorist, Dr. mOe hosts the Dr mOe Anderson’s Podcast, a podcast for women looking for a healthy dose of truthfulness and humor. 

2. #ACoupleThat

A clear brand aesthetic can be the difference between being memorable and forgettable, something that Paul and Elie from the #ACoupleThat podcast clearly understand. Using their signature green tones, Paul and Elie created an awesome Headliner video to promote this week’s episode of the podcast. Each episode, the couple shares insights on life in a relationship, and speak with other couples about the many challenges, highs, and lows of coupledom. 

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1. Dive Into Discussion

If you think waveforms are for adding visual interest…you’re right, but waveforms also help to alert your followers to the presence of audio. Sometimes, podcast videos can just appear to be static images, easily missed by the average scroller. By adding a waveform, you can give your followers a visual indicator that they should tap your video for sound. Dive Into Discussion is a podcast that focuses on the importance of communication in order to build connections, and did an awesome job of combining their signature cover art with a simple waveform to create a promotional podcast video

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