Top 10 Podcast Videos of the Week – June 19, 2020

Our amazing community of podcast creators never ceases to amaze us, even when life is turned upside down, you continue to prove to us just how incredible each and every one of you are. This week, we’re counting down another of our top 10 favorite podcast videos, and sharing the brilliant creators behind each video. 

10. Industry Talk

Industry Talk, hosted by private security guard DeMarius Tidwells, features frank discussions about the world of security and protection with the intention of helping industry professionals to learn from teachable real-life moments. 

This week, the folks at Industry Talk shared an awesome Headliner video to promote the latest episode. In the recent episode entitled “School’s Out”, DeMarius shares stories from his experience as a school resource officer, and the battles he has waged against the administration in order to be allowed to connect with the students he protects. 

9. Blaze Your Own Trail

Blaze Your Own Trail features the stories of individuals from around the world who have made an impact by creating their own paths both in business and in life. Host Jordan Mendoza is a sales and digital marketing trainer with a passion for learning the world’s many secrets to success. 

Recently, Jordan sat down to discuss making waves in the music scene with innovator and musician Ronnie Eriic. To promote the episode, Jordan shared a simple video he made using Headliner complete with a basic image and a simple progress bar so viewers know how much video is left. 

8. Bringin’ It Backwards

This podcast is your backstage pass to the music industry, and features stories from stars in every phase of their music careers. Bringing’ It Backwards is all about giving musicians a chance to connect more intimately with their fans, and giving their fans a little more insight into the person behind their favorite songs. 

This week, the folks at Bringin’ It Backwards shared a basic Headliner video to promote an episode featuring musician Celeste Arrazolo, best known for the song Damaged Goods.

7. The Desi Sportscast

The Desi Sportscast is a podcast dedicated to news from the world of Indian sports, hosted by Indian sports fans for Indian sports fans, and featuring stories from the world of professional athletics and from professional athletes themselves. This week, the hosts of The Desi Sportscast are joined by Dalima Chhibber, a member of the Indian Women’s National Football (soccer) Team and a member of the Manitoba Bisons. 

To promote the interview with Dalima, the folks at The Desi Sportscast shared this Headliner video featuring the show’s cover art and an eye-catching bright-purple waveform.

6. The Sod’s Law Podcast

The Sod’s Law Podcast hosted by Daniel Rosenberg tells the stories of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things all over the world. This week, Daniel released a podcast video promoting an episode that features special guest Amal, founder of Basbas Sauce, activist, and former Master Chef contestant. In the ep., Amal talks in-depth about her experience appearing on Master Chef and how the show changed her relationship to her native Somalia, its culture, and its food. 

5. The Calvin D Project

The Calvin D Project features stories from interesting people working to change the trajectories of those they serve. This week, the folks at the Calvin D Project released an excellent Headliner video to promote a recent episode featuring insurance agent Lonnie Moore. In the episode, Lonnie shares secrets to saving money on insurance, and insights into his life as a professional in the insurance industry. 

4. Tuesdays with Coach Mo

Monique Betty is a business coach and host of Tuesdays with Coach Mo, the podcast aimed at helping professionals grow their careers, self-advocate, and move on up. Coach Mo helps to motivate listeners to become the best they can be by pushing beyond their perceived limits and reaching new heights in their careers. 

Recently, Coach Mo shared an excellent episode discussing working with a purpose, and promoted the ep with a simple Headliner video featuring one of our most popular templates: Cubetica.

3. My Story Living with Lupus

Hosted by Susan Hendrix, My Story Living with Lupus is an inspirational podcast designed to connect, uplift, and empower individuals living with lupus. In a recently shared podcast video, the folks at My Story Living with Lupus shared a clip from one of the latest episodes where Susan receives life lessons life coach Sheila Smith, and talks to a heroic and underappreciated front-line worker, Gina Bryant. 

2. Far Away Fan

The Far Away Fan podcast aims at connecting sports fans from around the globe in a meaningful and exciting way by sharing sports stories, anecdotes, insights, and analysis of sporting events internationally. This week, the folks at Far Away Fan shared an excellent promotional video announcing an exciting new episode featuring Sivan John, a football (soccer) blogger and host of his own podcast, The Bola Bola Show.  

1. Authentic Talks with Shanta

Authentic Talks with Shanta is a fresh, fun podcast featuring candid discussions about growth, love, success, spirituality, and living life to the fullest. Recently, Shanta had the chance to chat with ex-NFL player Tyrone Smith about his life as a professional athlete, and shared an amazing Headliner video to help promote the episode. 

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