Top 10 Podcast Videos of the Week June 12, 2020

We are proud to be part of an incredible community of podcasters and content creators, and are constantly in awe of the incredible things each and every one of you create. Every week, we share videos made by Headliner users to showcase their incredible work, and this week is no different. 

10. Olayinka’s Podcast

Host Odusanya Olayinka created Olayinka’s Podcast in order to talk about life. Odusanya covers everything from mental health and self-confidence to friendships and relationships. Recently, Odusanya shared an awesome podcast video that featured a clip from the latest episode of Olayinka’s Podcast. In the episode, Olayinka shares personal stories of insecurity and growth, offering advice for overcoming self-doubt and living a happy, confident life. 

9. Accelerate with Hope

Accelerate with Hope is a podcast dedicated to ”motivating you to question limiting perspectives, engage your dreams and become your better and true [self].” Host Hope Olapido is a spoken word artist, poet, and writer with a passion for helping people connect with their inner essence through her art. 

Hope shared an awesome Headliner video with her Instagram followers to promote a recent episode where she shares wisdom for a winning mindset. “Be your seed, because greatness lies within you.”

8. Journey with Mpho

Journey with Mpho, hosted by Mpho Moloi, discusses mental health, overcoming the challenges of mental illness, finding a blissful vibration frequency, and diving fearlessly into life. Mpho is a white light Reiki expert, poet, and mental health expert who says her passions can be boiled down to a simple acronym: PAP.

Pap also happens to be Mpho’s favorite South African starch, a coarsely ground maize meal that is a staple in the diet of the Bantu peoples of South Africa, but for Mpho, PAP stands for Poetry, Africa, and Podcasting! 

Mpho shared this awesome monochromatic podcast video to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the podcast, and to share a clip from her interview with spoken word poet and co-founder of the Lyrical Lounge, Z from Baltimore

7. Tynee Talks

Tynee Talks, hosted by Flint Michigan native Tynee, is an entertaining and informative podcast about current events, culture, news, life, religion, and more. The folks at Tynee Talks shared an awesome Headliner video this week to promote the latest episode in which Tynee interviews Dr. Darryl Howard, professor of religion and philosophy, about the recent protests in response centuries-long systemic racism. 

6. Sweet Talk

Host and creator Kaali Cohen describes it best: “Sweet Talk is a podcast for people of color to have honest conversations about personal and professional struggles surrounding our Unapologetic Truths. It’s a show where our voices are heard and our narrative is told in a way only we can tell it. It’s our Unapologetic Truth, it’s how we learn from one another, it’s how we help one another heal and most importantly it’s how we grow”

This week, the folks at Sweet Talk shared an excellent Headliner video to promote the latest episode: Examination of Life: Note to My Younger Self. 

5. How Did I Get This Far

The How Did I Get This Far podcast shared a podcast video with their Instagram followers to promote a special episode discussing the Black Lives Matter movement. Special guest, friend of the show, and founder of Natural Or Not Hair We Come – a haircare line that promotes self-love and empowerment – Carol Roberts Solomon joins host Amanda Ogen to discuss the “hardships of growing up black, resources to continue learning and taking action, and ways to embrace and love the skin you’re in.”

4. Culture Meets Wellness

The Culture Meets Wellness podcast, created by Chongo Bwalya, shares the stories of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) and their experiences with wellness. By having these honest conversations, the goal is to “normalize discussions about wellness and mental health in communities where it tends to be neglected and eliminate the stigmas associated with it.”

This episode (which the folks at Anona Wellness promoted with an amazing Headliner video) features special guest Reakash Walters, a community organizer and articling student on the road to changing the world as an attorney. Reakash discusses all things anti-Black racism in the US and Canada and shares personal reflections on current events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. 

3. The Education Concierge 

The Education Concierge is a podcast that highlights the multifaceted world of teaching. This week, the folks at The Education Concierge shared a Headliner video promoting an episode discussing dismantling systemic racism in the education system. Racism has infected every corner of our society – which means that working toward a safer, more equitable future requires a close examination of all aspects of our lives. 

In this episode, host Benita (an education consultant and motivator) shares some of the first steps for educators to take to fight racism in the classroom: “I want educators to listen. We can no longer allow you to teach in a classroom in the United States of America if you are a racist.”

2. Infotainment News Live

If the name didn’t give it away, the Infotainment News Live podcast is a podcast that brings you information, entertainment, and news from every aspect of life. Host and creator James Hicks discusses society, sports, entertainment, science, technology, fatherhood, and much more along with an incredible assortment of weekly guests. 

In this week’s episode (promoted with this awesome podcast video), James sits down with special guest Damon Smith, the mindfulness coach behind Souletics to discuss the state of the world, caring for the community, and caring for yourself.

1. BAOS Podcast

The BAOS Podcast focuses on the stories of how craft beers are made and the people that make them. Right now, BAOS is honoring and amplifying melanated voices, featuring the stories of BIPOC working to create amazing beer and promote inclusion and equality. Promoted by this awesome Headliner video, this week’s episode includes special guests Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter, founders of the craft beer brand and brewery Crowns & Hops

Beny and Teo break down how independent breweries can help their communities, and discuss the pain felt broadly by the Black community following hundreds of years of oppression and the recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of the police. 

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