Top 10 Podcast Videos of the Week, July 31, 2020

When we first set out to create the Headliner App, we knew that we would get to see a ton of amazing creations, but we had no idea just how creative our users would become! Each week, we like to feature 10 of our favorite podcast videos made with Headliner and share them here with you for a little inspiration, and this week, we’ve got some awesome videos to share. Without further ado, here are our top 10 picks for our favorite podcast videos of the week:

10. Mirror Talk

Mirror Talk hosted by Valtoy B. holds a mirror up to life by bringing us relatable stories of love, life, the self, and a variety of topics concerning the human experience. In this week’s episode of Mirror Talk, Valtoy B. discusses dusting yourself off and moving forward after a failure with Dr. Ikepo Bolakale Rufai. To promote the episode, Valtoy B. shared a simple but super striking podcast video featuring one of our all-time favorite templates “Cubetica”, some basic captions, and a bright blue waveform. 

9. Huddle Up With Gus

If you are a football lover and are fascinated by the insider world of pro-sports, you are going to love Huddle Up With Gus. Hosted by former NFL QB Gus Frerotte, Huddle Up With Gus features stories from athletes and sports professionals who share how the industry has impacted their lives. This week, the folks at Huddle Up With Gus spoke with Herschel Walker, three-time All-American honoree and winner of the Heisman Trophy. To promote the ep, they shared a Headliner video featuring a photo of their guest and a background tailored to match his shirt!

8. Max Out Time w/ AJ II

Sometimes, the best podcasts are the ones that keep things simple, which is exactly what CBS news producer Arthur Jones II has achieved with Max Out Time w/ AJ II. On the podcast, Arthur sits down with guests from every walk of life to discuss pretty much anything and everything under the sun. This week, AJ shared a Headliner video featuring a clip from his very first episode where he sat down with special guest Rashan Prailow to get the Max Out Time started. 

7. Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

With more people writing and publishing than ever before, it was high time for a podcast covering the ins and outs of discovering your writing and publishing path. Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing is a weekly podcast dedicated to sharing lessons and insight into the world of literature. This week, host and creator Mark Leslie Lefebvre shared a Headliner video complete with a custom background, waveform, progress bar, and captions to promote his 144th episode!

6. It’s Only a Game Show

It’s Only a Game Show is a podcast all about the weird, exciting, and sometimes “truly awful” world of game shows. Each episode features a deep dive into a different game show, and includes details on its history, themes, winners, losers, and tons of other things you couldn’t even imagine. This week’s episode is all about the Generation Game, and hosts Bev, Mark D. Mark R., and Matt play their very own version. It’s Only a Game Show shared a promotional video made with Headliner to their Instagram this week, featuring the show’s cover art and a matching yellow waveform. 

5. Prickly and Blooming

Hosted by Jessie Browning, Prickly and Blooming is a weekly conversational podcast that delves into the personal narratives of each week’s special guest. This week, Jessie sat down with her husband, Daniel, to share the story of how they met and came to be the loving couple they are today. To promote this super personal episode of Prickly and Blooming, they shared a beautiful podcast video featuring a botanical background and a baby-pink waveform.  

4. Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself is a podcast geared towards up and coming entrepreneurs, and features stories from business owners and entrepreneurs in virtually every industry. This week, host Kevin Akinbiyi sat down with life coach Quadeera Teart to discuss everything from business to motherhood. To promote the ep, the folks at Believe In Yourself shared a podcast video made with one of our most popular templates: Motif.

3. Bringin’ It Backwards

The Bringin’ It Backwards podcast is all about covering the stories of famous American singers, songwriters, and musicians before they were famous. This week, the hosts of Bringing’ It Backwards collaborated with the magazine American Songwriter to interview Australian pop-group Cub Sport. To spread the word on the latest episode, the folks from Bringin’ It Backwards shared a super-creative animated Headliner video on Twitter.

2. Relationships Made Easy

In every episode of the Relationships Made Easy podcast, psychologist, speaker, author, relationship expert, and podcast host Abby Medcalf shares tools, stories, insight, and advice for improving your relationships. It’s all about creating strong connections and building trusting bonds when you listen to Relationships Made Easy, so if you need advice getting your partner to listen, this is the podcast for you. Recently, Abby shared an awesome podcast video to celebrate the podcast’s 101st episode. 

1. Lizzie Borden Audio

Lizzie Borden was tried and acquitted for the 1892 murders of her father and stepmother. The case, which has fascinated true-crime fans for decades, was extremely well documented, and included more than 3,000 pages of witness statements. The Lizzie Borden Audio podcast features recordings of some of the many pieces of testimony, created by podcast host Kate Lavender. To promote the Lizzie Borden Audio project, Kate recently shared an excellent Headliner video featuring a striking purple background, an image of Lizzie Borden herself, and a bright red waveform. 

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