Top 10 Podcast Videos of the Week, July 24, 2020

Ready to see some amazing podcast videos made by some of our podcasters? Us too! Here’s this week’s top 10 Headliner videos!

10. ARTdustry

ARTdustry is a new podcast from the founders of Substantial Art & Music Rachelle Etienne-Robinson and Stan “Substantial” Robinson. ARTdustry features discussions surrounding art, music, and business, including interviews with professionals and artists from the worlds of music and entertainment. To promote the new podcast, the folks at Substantial Art & Music shared a beautiful podcast video complete with a super simple waveform to give the video visual interest and dynamic movement. 

9. Revamped

The Revamped podcast hosted by Tim Chuon is “45% board games, 45% photography and filmmaking, and 10% everything else. Tim covers topics like which cameras are the best or why some gamers collect tabletop dice, so if you are looking for a super entertaining and deliciously nerdy podcast, this is the one. Recently, Tim shared an awesome Headliner video featuring a super eye-catching image of a camera that he paired with a lime-green waveform to promote a recent episode. 

8. Boosed

The Boosed podcast includes two of life’s greatest pleasures: a stiff drink and a spooky story. Every two weeks, the hosts of Boosed gather with special guests to have some drinks and exchange stories of the supernatural. To help get the word out about the podcast, the folks at Boosed recently shared an awesome podcast trailer made using Headliner that features lots of great elements like captions and a waveform. 

7. Cheap Pop Review

Are you a pro-wrestling fan? Do you love WWE and AEW? Do you like to hear hot takes on the latest from your favorite in-ring fighters? Then Cheap Pop Review is the pod for you. Each week, the folks at Cheap Pop Review share their opinions on the most recent goings-on in the world of pro-wrestling. This week, they shared a preview clip made using Headliner that includes an awesome image of a ‘swamp fight’ and a multicolored waveform. 

6. Say It With Me

The Say It With Me podcast is designed to promote self-care and healing, and touches on topics regarding mental health, social justice, emotional wellbeing, love, and more. Host Reca A’Shauntae is a writer and visionary passionately sharing insight to help people discover their own love and light. This week, the folks at Say It With Me shared a Headliner video promoting one of the latest episodes. This episode focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement, healing after the loss of Black lives, and the many feelings people are experiencing surrounding recent events.  

5. The Gist 

The Gist hosted by Nanyaa centers on life lessons from the examination of culture, society, lifestyle, and more. Nanyaa covers all things “life”. This week, the folks at The Gist shared a Headliner video to promote a motivational Monday episode. In this ep, Nanyaa discusses what to do when you feel disconnected, and shares strategies for reconnecting with the self and the moment. 

4. Drea’s Point of View

Love podcasts but struggle to sit through hour-long episodes? Drea’s Point of View features episodes no longer than 10 minutes, each of which includes opinions on a variety of subjects from the viewpoint of host Drea. Covering topics she feels passionate about, each episode of Drea’s Point of View features a unique topic, and will keep even the most easily distracted listener engaged. In order to promote a recent episode covering the latest on Will and Jada Smith, the folks at Drea’s Point of View shared an awesome Headliner video featuring the podcast cover art and a simple waveform.  

3. Pour It Out

The Pour It Out podcast hosted by Hittu Kaur and Shivali Javiya is all about navigating your 20s, and features funny and insightful stories from ladies just trying to get through. This week, the folks at Pour It Out shared an awesome video sneak peek of an upcoming episode with expert solo-traveler Samantha Morris as she shares hilarious tales of her first attempts venturing out on her own.   

2. What the Niche

What the Niche is pretty much what it sounds like: a podcast focused on exploring as many niches as possible! What the Niche is all about exploring our differences while highlighting our similarities, and features interviews with awesome and interesting people from every walk of life. Recently, the folks at What the Niche shared an awesome podcast video that includes the podcast’s cover art and a color-matched waveform to promote the most recent episode.  

1. The Twilight Zone Zone

Love The Twilight Zone? Love comparisons? You’re gonna love this podcast! Each week, the folks at The Twilight Zone Zone compare two episodes of the famous supernatural show and share which one they recommend watching. This week, host Nic Hoffman is watching “Deaths Head-Revisited” and “The Midnight Son”, and shared an excellent podcast video to promote the episode. 

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