Top 10 Podcast Videos of the Week – June 5, 2020

We love seeing your Headliner videos, and as usual, y’all did not disappoint this week! Without further ado, here are our top 10 favorite podcast videos you shared on social media this week in no particular order: 

10. I Often Wonder

The I Often Wonder podcast features stories of topics that all too often get swept under the rug, and focuses on political, social, and cultural topics. Recently, the folks at I Often Wonder used Headliner to create an awesome promotional video that they shared to Twitter to promote an episode about Ricegum, the extremely controversial YouTuber. The video features the use of the Headliner template Cubetica, which goes perfectly with the I Often Wonder logo. 

9. Behind the Song

Janda Lane, host of the Behind the Song podcast shared a simple but super eye-catching video this week to promote a recent episode of the show. The video features a black and white motif (complete with a white waveform) accompanied by hot-pink captions that really set the whole thing off. The episode being promoted is all about the incredible singer-songwriter Dobie Ray, so be sure to check it out to learn a little something about American music history! 

8. Anti-Stories

Anti-Stories is a crazy-funny podcast all about trying to solve the world’s many, many problems. In this week’s episode, host Davr Brown shared a clip from the very first episode which he added to an incredible video he made using Headliner. Davr kept it simple with a basic card to share the details of the show and a bright red progress bar to let viewers know where they are in the clip. 

7. Habits of a Goddess 

The Habits of a Goddess podcast is dedicated to helping listeners to achieve balance. Each episode is filled with positive affirmations for self-love, self-care tips and guides, meditation, and plenty of reminders to stay mindful. With a pastel pink background and super simple and subtle bottom-third waveform, this aesthetics of this podcast video perfectly exemplify the energy and vibes oof Habits of a Goddess.

6. The Take

The Take brings you news from around the world, covering topics and headlines you otherwise might never have seen. This week, the hosts of The Take tackled the topic of water-accessibility, covering the stories of Chilean farmers who, despite barely having access to any water, are growing lush avocado crops. The ep also covers how has COVID been affecting people with limited water access, delving deeper into the complex issue. To promote the episodes, hosts of The Take shared an amazing Headliner video that features a stunning photo of Chile and a classic Headliner waveform. 


5. Woke By Accident

Woke By Accident is a podcast all about being socially conscious and discussing important cultural and social events. This week, the folks at Woke By Accident shared a promotional video including clips from the podcast to give listeners a taste of what to expect from the show. A black background and red progress bar are all this video needed to be complete.  

4.Put a Shrimp On It – A Barbie Movie Fan Podcast

Put a Shrimp On It is a monthly podcast review of every CGI Barbie movie ever made! This hilariously funny take on these *ahem* masterpieces is hosted by Jason and Philomena who shared an excellent and eye-catching Headliner video this week to promote the latest episode. This week, Jason and Philomena are discussing Barbie and her relationship with…Dracula?  

3. The Healer and The Inspector

We mentioned them last week, but their stuff is so awesome they are worth another mention! The Healer and The Inspector is hosted by two total strangers who, after meeting online, met up to create this incredible, unique, super fun podcast. Hosts Sonjia and Antonia shared a Headliner video featuring their show’s cover art, an amazing drawn masterpiece that immediately pulls you in. 

2. Push Or Pivot

Push Or Pivot is a podcast that shares the stories of people who have, at one point or another, come to a crossroads in their lives. Each episode shares how each guest chose to push ahead or pivot to the other path when making important life decisions. The folks at Push or Pivot shared a promotional video on Instagram this week to get the word out about a recent episode in which the hosts talk to author, speaker, coach, and fellow podcaster Tanya

1.Soul Coffee

Life coach Jamal Fruster is the host of Soul Coffee, an inspirational podcast full of advice and affirmations for life. This week, Jamal is joined by his friend and fellow motivational speaker Reggie Mims II to talk about the importance of giving yourself permission to shoot your shot. To promote the ep, Jamal shared an awesome Headliner video complete with a static image background, waveform, and captions. 

Do you want to see your podcast video featured in next week’s top 10 countdown? Share your Headliner creations on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and be sure to tag @HeadlinerVideo to make sure we see what you have made!