How to Submit Your Podcast to Spotify

If you are a podcaster, you probably already know about some of the bigger platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. These smartphone-specific indexes represent a huge portion of podcast listeners, but they aren’t the only place to put your content. Spotify also draws a massive audience of podcast listeners every month, and recently, several big-name podcasts have made an exclusive switch to the streaming platform.

Spotify is a great place to reach audiences using every kind of device, Apple, Android, mobile, or desktop, people everyone and on every device love using Spotify.

For detailed instructions on how to submit your podcast to Spotify, check out this super-detailed guide by Michelle Ruoff from Live 365. Michelle goes step-by-step through the process, and even includes images to walk you through every step. Here are a couple of things to remember: 

Stick To a 1:1 Aspect Ratio

If you are tempted to use your favorite portrait or landscape image for your podcast cover art, forget it! Spotify requires podcast art to be square or 1:1 aspect ratio, so have your favorite 4-equal-sided image.

Stay Under 200MB

This one is important, because you are going to feel super frustrated when you get to the part of the process where you link your podcast’s RSS feed, and you suddenly find out your podcast is too big. If you want to submit your podcast to Spotify, keep that puppy under 200MB! Oh, your podcast is 201MB? Too bad! Shave off that 60 seconds and come back later!

Trim the Title

This is good advice whether you want to submit your podcast to Spotify or not: keep your podcast title under 20 characters. This is a good length for visibility on most mobile platforms – any longer and your audience won’t be able to tell what your podcast is called.

Podcasts Whose Titles Are Under 20 Characters

  • Serial
  • The Daily
  • Radiolab
  • My Favorite Murder
  • Pardon My Take