How to Promote Your SoundCloud with Video + Headliner Chrome Extension

One of SoundCloud’s best features is the freedom it gives you to create whatever you want and share it with the world. SoundCloud is a platform for the masses. Sharing podcasts has never been easier than with SoundCloud, and discovering new podcasts, music, and other audio content from independent artists has never been more exciting.

One of the worst things about SoundCloud is that it can make promoting your podcast content difficult. SoundCloud may be a great place to find awesome content. But unless people are looking for your podcast specifically when they visit the orange and white platform, it can be challenging to grow an audience. At Headliner, we help audio artists like podcasters and musicians grow their audience using the best way we know how: video.

Why Video?

Video is king for online media, with more than 75% of all online traffic now dedicated to watching videos. Video has become so successful that it has begun to encroach on virtually every corner of the market, with advertisers and marketing teams jumping excitedly on board to follow the trend. Videos receive 1.200% more shares than static images alone, and websites featuring video typically see 2-3x more traffic than those without.

Though you may be a podcaster or musician and less interested in the world of video than the world of audio, you should still take advantage of the world’s obsession with video. Video clips with simple animations or waveforms perform better and attract more viewer engagement than static images, proving that even minimal video usage can help you grow an audience. 

Create Video Clips with Headliner

Headliner is one of the fastest, easiest ways to create short video clips to promote your podcast. With our easy to use interface, users simply select an audio clip, cut it to their desired length, and choose from customizable images, animations, templates, waveforms, and more to create simple videos.

Headliner users enjoy the easy to use interface, helping them stay focused on their chosen art form while still creating professional-looking video clips. Videos created using Headliner are super easy to share since we’ve designed Headliner to work seamlessly with the social media platforms you know and love.

The Headliner team is launching our easiest way to create videos yet with the Headliner Chrome extension. With the Headliner extension installed, you’ll have the option to create awesome promotional videos using audio from your podcast right from your browser. Select the Headliner button under your SoundCloud track, and you’ll already be halfway to creating an awesome video.

Create short clips in seconds and share them to your favorite social media platforms with a single click of a button. Featuring customizable elements and tons of options to create the perfect promotional videos, you need zero background in film or video to create masterpieces with Headliner. 

Why Clips?

You might feel compelled to share a link to your SoundCloud track on your social media, but this would be a mistake. External links and long-form audio files are rarely clicked on or followed, even by audience members or fans who otherwise love your music. Video makes the same content seem more compelling, adding visual interest to draw in the customer and encourage them to take action to discover your full content.

With the Headliner Chrome extension, you can quickly and easily create short preview clips of your podcast paired with simple animations and waveforms to encourage audience members to visit your SoundCloud page. A simple but effective method of drawing a larger crowd to your content and sharing short clips will give your viewers enough to leave them craving more. 

Headliner allows users to turn podcasts and music clips into short videos, and now with our new Chrome extension, the job just became a lot easier! Available right in your web browser, the Headliner Chrome extension features everything you need to create an awesome promotional clip for your SoundCloud profile.

Key Features of Our New Headliner Chrome Extension

  • The Headliner button will appear under any SoundCloud track that can be turned into a video
  • Cover images are auto-populated for your videos
  • A built-in audio clipper helps you to cut your track to the perfect length
  • Add waveforms, progress bars, and custom text to your videos
  • Share video clips to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more with the click of a button

Start sharing and promoting your music today using the Headline Chrome extension Chrome extension or Headliner app!