How To Create Awesome Podcast Videos

We get it. You love audio, and you love podcasting, which is why you didn’t choose to become a videographer or filmmaker. Perhaps the idea of being on camera makes you uncomfortable. After all, being camera-ready requires a lot more work than being “podcast-ready.” To be camera-ready, you need your hair, makeup, and outfit looking on point, whereas for a podcast, all you need is a few vocal warmups and a comfy chair to be ready to go.

Besides the stress of being on camera, the trouble with video is that it tends to be expensive and time-consuming. Video equipment and software can be pricey, and once you get down to brass tacks and do the work of editing the footage, the software can take years to master. Despite being confusing and costly to create, video has quickly become the preferred type of media on virtually every social platform. If you want to take advantage of video’s popularity but don’t have the time, money, or patience to commit to the usually difficult process, all you need is Headliner

Video Outperforms Everything Else

Though podcasts are a massively popular form of media, video still reigns supreme on the Internet. On social media sites, videos receive around 1,200% more shares than images and text posts, and for good reason. The human brain is more adept at taking in information when presented both audibly and visually, making video the perfect solution to low viewer engagement.

By simply including video in their marketing scheme, websites see 2 – 3x as much traffic as they did without video. By 2022, a predicted 82% of global internet traffic will come from watching and streaming video. People are simply more likely to engage with content if it includes video. Videos receive more clicks, more comments, and more shares than static images or audio files alone, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But where does that leave the podcasters and audio-artists of the world? 

Create Videos on Headliner

There is no getting around the fact that video outperforms other forms of media, which is why we suggest joining in on the fun! No, we aren’t suggesting you invest thousands of dollars into video equipment and software to promote a podcast. We think you should use Headliner. Headliner is the easiest way to create high-quality video content for podcast marketing purposes without needing any special equipment or overextending your budget.

With Headliner, all you need to get started is an audio file from your podcast and a desire to grow your audience and promote your podcast. Use Headliner to create audiograms to share to your Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat story, or directly to your feed on virtually any social media platform. The process is so simple you can do it in minutes. Want to share a snippet of your latest podcast with your loyal Instagram followers? Create a short-form audiogram and post it to your story! These short-form audiograms are a perfect way to introduce your audience to your content and attract listeners who might not have clicked on audio content alone.

How To Create a Short-Form Audiogram With Headliner

  1. Select audio, or search for your podcast on Headliner and let us pull audio for you
  2. Clip the audio
  3. Select an aspect ratio (portrait is best for Stories, Snapchat, and TikTok)
  4. Customize. Include a waveform, a background image, a progress bar, etc.

Headliner also allows you to create long-form videos that can be posted to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for consuming podcasts despite being video-centric. With the Headliner Full Episode feature, you can turn up to two hours of podcast audio into video. Choose your aspect ratio, include images, animation, or captions, and you’re ready to post your first YouTube video without ever investing in a camera!

How To Create a Long-Form Audiogram With Headliner

  1. Select audio, or search for your podcast on Headliner and let us pull audio for you
  2. Select an aspect ratio (landscape is best for full episodes being posted to YouTube or Vimeo)
  3. Customize. Include a waveform, a background image, or text

Keep Up With Social Media Content Demands

To stay relevant on social media, frequent posting and consistent sharing of content are an absolute necessity. While some creators might face burnout trying to meet the demand for content, Headliner users have an automatic leg up.

Let Headliner automatically create high-quality videos for each episode of your podcast, so you don’t have to go through any hassle. Share your podcast’s name with Headliner. We will automatically pull audio from each episode to create a video that you can post to YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever your audience hangs out.

How To Set up Automated Video Creation With Headliner

  1. Enter the name of your podcast
  2. Select the language of your podcast
  3. Choose from short or long-form videos
  4. Select an aspect ratio
  5. Pick a Headliner template
  6. Headliner takes care of the rest

Have you been wanting to promote your podcast with video but haven’t found the time? Visit Headliner and sign up today to let us handle your podcast video needs.