Headliner Highlight 011: Jason Ackerman – Own Your Eating

For Headliner Highlight 11 we hear from Jason Ackerman from Own Your Eating.

Tell us about your podcast.

We actually have two podcasts. We do a podcast called Own Your Eating, and I also have a podcast called Best Hour of Their Day.

Own Your Eating has been out for quite some time. It’s changed shape and form over the years to evolve with me and and our business, but I’ve been podcasting about six years now.

I just wanted to spread the word; originally, it was just me, and then the company evolved, and my wife became a part of it as well. So the Own Your Eating podcast is all about nutrition and helping people gain control of their health and fitness via smart, sustainable nutrition. And The Best Hour of Their Day podcast is all about becoming a better CrossFit coach. So it’s really geared towards CrossFitters, but it’s all about becoming a better coach, and I interview some of the best CrossFit athletes and best coaches in the world out there.

How do you promote your episodes?

To promote, we do the basic stuff. We use social media. We use Headliner all the time because it’s great to create videos that we can use on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. So it’s really been essential in spreading the word for both podcasts. We really, really love it.

What has been most effective? Least effective?

The most effective thing we have found is really, as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, word of mouth. You know, if you can put out content that people want to listen to and want to share, that’s the best promotion you can do.

The least effective, I’m not sure. I don’t think Facebook works great for us. I think Instagram works a little bit better, especially when you have some of your guests sharing it for you; it really helps promote awareness.

Why do you make Headliners?

I use Headliner videos because they provide a valuable clip that I can give to my guests that makes them want to share it. Rather than just saying, “Hey, can you please promote the podcast you were on?” I make a clip of them with their image and our logo and a great clip of them talking from our interview, and it’s valuable to them.

So then they want to share it. Headliner is super simple and super easy to use.

Current podcasting setup?

We don’t use any fancy gear. I use my Mac, Garageband, some plug-in Bose headphones, and Zoom for phone calls. Nothing too fancy, I probably need to invest in a better microphone.

What is something you think is overrated or underrated in podcasting?

I think, if you’re going to get into the podcasting world, you need to be consistent.

A lot of people see it and think it’s simple. You just hit record and go; but it’s a lot more challenging than social media. It’s not just putting a post up or typing in 140 characters on Twitter.

You actually have to have a plan. You actually have to sit down and talk to someone. It has to be compelling and interesting. And then there’s how you go about putting the content out there. You know, so for us, once I do the interview, I take a clip out, I use Headliner, I share that, I then post my podcast, I share the links to it [and] put it on YouTube. So it’s a lot of work that goes into every episode.

If someone was to only listen to one episode of your podcast, which would you send?

If someone were to listen to one episode of Best Hour of Their Day, I would recommend my interview with Mike Burgener. [He’s] an old-school CrossFit coach and I just really enjoyed the interview with him. He’s in his 70’s, but he’s a fun person to chat with, and he really just opened up and had good time on the podcast. It was something I very much enjoyed.

I can tell when an interview is going well if I’m having a good time. When it’s over and I feel like I was able to ask everything I wanted to and really left no stone unturned, Iknow it was a success.

Do you have a favorite podcast?

WorkLife with Adam Grant. I really enjoy that podcast. It’s short, simple, to the point, and very true when it comes to all sorts of work scenarios.

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