Headliner Video Updates: September 19, 2018

GIF Support (Includes Looping In Timeline)

You can now add a GIF to Headliner by uploading or posting a link to the GIF via the media track.

To do this: Click on the blue plus sign and treat the GIF the same as uploading an image or video. They show up as a yellow box on the timeline, and you can loop them by dragging the ends of the box.

Video Zoom/Crop

After adding a video to the timeline, it is now possible to zoom and crop on a specific part of the video. This is especially helpful if you’re taking a video from one aspect ratio and moving it to another. For example, if you have a horizontal (16:9) video and want to add it to a square (1:1) project, you’ll now be able to control the crop and zoom to get just the part of the video you want.

To do this: First, add a video to the timeline, then click on that video asset from the timeline and crop and zoom from within the edit modal.

Beta Version of Text to Video

We are working on a new wizard within Headliner that will take any article, blog post, or chunk of text and turn it into a video. We currently have a beta version of this. If you’d like to join our Beta program and try out text to video, sign up.