Headliner Video Updates: November 28, 2018

Upload Transcript File

You should now see an upload transcript button right next to the download button. For now, you can only upload a transcript in .VTT format, but we’re planning on adding support for more formats in the future.

Updated Behavior for Blurred Background

When applying the blurred background setting, the original image or video is now enlarged to fill the entire viewport without any black bars. Changing zoom levels or video position should not change the blurred background in the output video.

Updates To Text Track Properties

Added support for animated line based transitions, users can now apply these transitions automatically to all text boxes in a given text track.

Updates To Sign-up Form

Added additional fields so that we can provide a better experience for new users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues for broken download pages/links
  • Added better support for long videos which were sometimes running into export errors
  • Blurred background setting no longer gets removed when zooming into a video
  • Added better support for per line animation
  • Allow user to clear numeric inputs
  • Fixed issue where audio preview continued to play after hover action
  • We also pushed out several optimizations which should help with the overall stability of the app.