Headliner Video Updates: February, 28, 2019

Prateek = always on point

Updates To Article To Video Wizard Flow

Increased character count limit to 1500.

Tutorial Walkthrough for New Users

Implemented a tutorial walkthrough for the Projects page, currently only visible to new users.

Transparent Video Support

Added support for transparent video (WebM) files.

Add Multiple Text and Media Tracks

Users can now add any number of new text and media tracks which should make it a lot easier to create videos with multiple layers.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixed language selector for “Find My Content” wizard
  • Several URL parsing fixes for “Article to Video” wizard
  • Fixed issue where social media text style was not getting properly applied from the Text Track Style properties modal
  • Fixed an issue that would cause text to disappear from the preview preview after making changes to Track Level Styles
  • Fixed Constrain Image option on initial load

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