Headliner is Coming to Mobile

This past weekend, Marco Arment, creator of Overcast posted about bringing video-based clip sharing to Overcast. It’s a great addition, and we think Marco nailed, not only the value, but also the need for this in the audio community at large. Podcasters have been asking us for a mobile solution since our launch in Jan of 2018, but this past weekend, our mailboxes were overflowing with new requests. Thanks Marco 😉

We are excited to announce that we are launching a Beta program for our mobile software development kit. Any mobile app developer who is interested in letting their users turn audio clips into engaging shareable videos, should sign up for the program here.

We’ve been working on a pretty extensive solution for mobile audio sharing for podcasters and listeners. Due to the interest that is bubbling up now, we decided to start rolling out a simple and flexible video creation software development kit to select partners in June.

Like Marco and the entire podcast community, we see a bright future for the podcast market, and we believe the ability to share clips as a creator and listener is vital. With hundreds of thousands of videos made by creators on Headliner, and that number growing to over 3K a day now, we have tons of data on what makes a good clip at this point. We can’t wait to bring that to the listener community at large.