Headliner and Descript Integration

At Headliner, we are always coming up with new ways to make creating podcast videos super easy for our users, but up until now, we haven’t had much of a hand in the podcast creation process itself. Now, we are super excited to announce the Headliner integration with Descript, an incredible editing tool unlike any you’ve ever seen before! 

The Lowdown on Descript

Descript is a free program designed to allow podcasters to take control of the editing process. Descript makes it super easy to edit audio, so easy in fact that you really need no prior editing experience to create high-quality, tightly-edited podcast episodes. What makes this program different from other editing software is that Descript transcribes your audio, turning it into text. 

Once a piece of audio has been transcribed you are able to read through and edit it as though it were a regular word doc. The advantage of this is not having to tediously scan through audio to find specific words or phrases you want to cut out. 

Instead, all you have to do is skim over the transcripts to find the pieces you want to remove then delete them as you would in a text document,. Cut the text down to the parts you want and Descript will make the same edits to the original audio file. Finally, you can do some fine-tuning to make your podcast sound extra professional and seamless.  

Here’s a basic breakdown: 

  1. Upload an audio or video file to Descript
  2. Descript transcribes the audio to text
  3. You edit the text to your liking
  4. Descript makes the same edits to the audio
  5. Fine-tune in the timeline editor

Key Features of Descript

Descript makes audio editing about as easy as it could be, and it does this with a few key features. 

  • Transcription: Near-instant transcription of audio and video files. Descript uses both automated and manual transcription for an almost perfect accuracy rate
  • Audio & Video Editing: Easy text-based editing of both audio and video
  • Overdub: a hyper-realistic text-to-voice of your speaking voice that you can use to make edits blend more smoothly, add temporary audio, or fix mistakes in the recording

Who Is Descript For? 

If you don’t have a ton of experience with editing, it can be intimidating to even begin to approach any kind of editing software. Fortunately, Descript turns audio editing into something more familiar: typing. Editing with Descript is as easy as writing a text, an email, or even a script for your podcast. 

You need zero special skills to use Descript, but when you do you’ll have people thinking you’ve hired a professional editor to handle your podcast. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to create smooth, seamlessly edited audio files, and you’ll love the many ways Descript makes sharing your podcast easy. 

So, who is Descript for? Podcasters! Whether you have just recorded your first podcast or are finishing up your thousandth, Descript can make your editing process way easier. With the time you save editing with Descript, you’ll be able to spend WAY more time choosing the perfect waveform for your podcast videos. 

Headliner Integration

Besides being an awesome app, there’s another super exciting reason we’re talking about Descript. Now, you can make and publish a Headliner video right from the Descript app! Once you have fully edited your podcast audio you are able to publish directly to Headliner. This exciting integration allows you to create highly customized audiograms and videos using your professional sounding Descript edit without all the downloading and reuploading. 

Descript is also rolling out a bunch of other integrations, helping to make this awesome editing tool even more versatile. Basically, Descript is the ultimate way to easily edit your audio before you create a Headliner video, or publish your podcast anywhere!

Are you excited about the latest Headliner integration? What other apps would you like to see Headliner collaborate with? By the way – if you make a video with Headliner, be sure to share it on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn and tag @HeadlinerVideo for a chance to be featured on the Headliner blog!