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New Podcast Video Template Tests

Since Headliner has some new templates, we thought it was time to run some new tests to see which ones may work for you. A few things to keep in mind, every podcast is different and so is your audience. What works well for one podcast may not work for another. The point is always

Instagram Post Face Off: Video vs. Image

We are testing to see if Headliner videos are more effective than a static image for promoting your podcast on Instagram. We teamed up with the Stream Line with Mike Warner podcast for this test.

Headliner Facebook Face-off: Video vs Image

There are a lot of podcasters and radio stations turning their audio clips into video. Over 30,000 alone are using Headliner to do so every month as of the writing of this post. But for all the videos getting created, there isn’t a ton of data out there showing how effective it is to promote your audio using video. So, we decided to run tests on social media to try and get to the bottom of what is the best way to promote your audio.

IG Stories Test 1: Image Vs. Text

With Instagram Stories being so popular, it seemed like the perfect time to run some tests and see how different types of promoted stories perform. We used Facebook’s Split testing platform to test the effectiveness of image vs. text when promoting your podcast on Instagram Stories.

Why You Should Try True Video to Promote Your Podcast

For this test, we wanted to see how video performs against moving images and static images. We ran two different campaigns, one was a clip about having pancakes for dinner (using landscape video), and the other was about being kicked out of band in elementary school (using square video) .

Headliner Audiograms In Action: More Clicks, Better CPCs

We’ve heard anecdotally that the videos made on Headliner create much higher engagement on social media which leads to more site visits. We set out to test this theory using Facebook Split Test for the Making Gay History podcast.

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