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Upload Your Entire Podcast to YouTube

YouTube has become one of the hot ticket items in podcasting, and for good reason. Each month over 2.6 Billion people go to the site and watch videos. YouTube is a great place to get your podcast in front of new audience and increase your listenership. If you want to get your podcast on YouTube,

How to Optimize Your Podcast for YouTube SEO

We might think of YouTube as a social media platform, but it’s also a powerful search engine. As the second most popular search engine after Google, YouTube is known not only for entertaining millions daily, but for helping us answer burning questions and solve problems.   If you want your podcast content to perform well on

How to Start a Podcast on YouTube

Not unlike a podcast directory, YouTube is a fantastic place for new listeners to discover and fall in love with your podcast. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube’s audience is enormous and actively looking for something to entertain and inspire.  If you’re looking to get your podcast on YouTube but don’t

The Ultimate Podcast Glossary

Just like any field, podcasting has its own terms and lingo. If you’re new to industry, you might find yourself Googling things like, “what is a bit rate” and “condenser vs a dynamic microphone.”  If that sounds like you, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ve created the ultimate podcast glossary of every podcast term you’d

Why Did You Start Podcasting?

A few weeks ago we posed the question via our Newsletter “Why Did You Start Podcasting.” And, the answers rolled in. Have a look below to see what initially inspired and continues to inspire this great group of podcasters! The reason I started podcasting is I found myself having long political conversations with friends that

Meet Headliner AI, your podcast marketing assistant

Believe it or not, we want you to spend less time using Headliner. Why? Because the faster you can promote your podcast, the more time you have to create it! So we’re redesigning Headliner to be less like a manual tool and more like your clever marketing assistant. Although we can’t bring you a coffee

12 reasons you need a podcast website for your show

Creating a podcast website means building a home for your show that fully represents you and your brand. To continue to grow your podcast, you must find and engage with listeners. Having a strong web presence that increases organic search results for your show and brings value to your listeners is a no-brainer, right?

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