Why Did You Start Podcasting?

A few weeks ago we posed the question via our Newsletter “Why Did You Start Podcasting.” And, the answers rolled in. Have a look below to see what initially inspired and continues to inspire this great group of podcasters!

The reason I started podcasting is I found myself having long political conversations with friends that I believed other people would enjoy hearing. 

Dave – And Another Thing With Dave

I like podcasting because it’s the most cheap and vulnerable way to tell stories

David – ECN Radio

I love to podcast. It took me years to get the courage to start. I never expected to be so involved with it. Thinking that some one in a remote place is listening to what I have to say is a very powerful and humbling experience. 

Sonia – Innergy Healing

It is a great way to connect with others in the cancer community, inform, share stories, provide hope and inspiration, and exhale. Most importantly, I podcast because it is a heartfelt way to let someone who may have received a cancer diagnosis know they are not alone. 

Talaya – Navigating Cancer Together

What I love about podcasting is that my love for conversations, unravelling social constructs and disrupting the status quo are of high interest to me. 99% of my guests’ stories highlight the need for the disruption of status quo.

Nabuguzi – Hash Time with Nabuguzi Kiwanuka

We podcast as a way to stay connected. We started our podcast during the pandemic and it has become our little book club. We love to connect with our listeners and see what they think and it really helps us to generate more content. 

Nicole – Page to Screen Podcast

 It is an opportunity to be creative. To be heard. To be present. An opportunity to be vulnerable, but more importantly, to be me. Every episode matters. Every hiccup is a lesson. Every comment (good, bad, and indifferent) is a triumph of discovery. Podcasting is open to everyone — the small independent podcaster like me and those who have big machines behind them. Even when I feel swallowed in the sea of all these famous podcast shows, I still find my voice, passion, and desire!

Sean – Peeps Creek

I launched the Mother’s Quest Podcast as a 45th birthday present to myself on December 1st. As my 50th birthday and the podcast’s 5th approaches, I’m aware of how much the podcast has enriched my life and the life of those around me. Podcasting allows me to learn from guests who have something to teach me, my community members and my children. I’m growing into the fullest expression of who I am meant to be, one conversation at a time

Julie – Mother’s Quest

I podcast to assist people in their life quest to be the best and most powerful versions of themselves, regardless of what they encounter in their life. 

Michael – Life Moves Podcast

I podcast because it is the best way to understand, know and help my community of artists. We are looking for authenticity, magic and vulnerability.

Ana – Coaching Con Ana

I podcast because even though I’d been thinking of doing one for some time, the pandemic pushed me into finally DOING the thing I’d been dreaming about for so long. I launched just over one year ago this month! My own wish to listen to an audio yoga class came true when I created it myself. My Yoga Audio has now morphed from being an audio yoga and meditation only podcast, to one that also includes in-depth interviews with artists, teachers, writers and wellness experts. I’ve received messages from across the country and across the globe from people who are enjoying the content – and that makes me so incredibly happy. Being connected, even in this time of division and separation is so important.

Meghan – MYA – My Yoga Audio

Hola, yo hago podcast por que uno de mis sueños frustrados es ser locutor de radio, y encontre en el mundo del podcast la manera de cumplir ese sueño hablando de mis inquietudes y el cine que tanto me gusta, encontre su pagina por una recomendacion, y no puedo estar mas feliz con ustedes, ya que me permiten subir mi contenido a todas las redes sociales, les estare infinitamente agradecido y espero un día poder devolverles el favor de cumplir mi sueño, apenas tengo 3 años con el proyecto, no tengo seguidores, pero gracias a ustedes hoy me siento mas lleno de animos que nuncs, saludos desde Aguascalientes, México.

Jesus Regalado

I started podcasting last year, while I was listening to Inka Magnaye’s Sleeping Pill with Inka. But you know what I love about doing podcast? Is that I was able to share my thoughts to others. And that really makes me happy.

Missy – Missy Thoughts Podcast

We podcast because we love introducing people to the weird, wonderful world of TikTok. We’ve met so many talented creators and genuinely kind human beings through podcasting. It helps make the world feel a little smaller and brighter. 

Melissa and Dena – 2 Old 4 Tik Tok Podcast

 I podcast because Black Moms matter and so do our voices. Our stories need to be heard and deserve to be told. 

Patricia – Black Mom Diaries

I podcast because I feel so called to share my experiences with others that may be going through similar things. It helps to validate + affirm the challenges we all have in our lives. It shows us that there are more possibilities out there. We are never stuck. We are always learning. Sharing our lives is important for our growth as well as the growth of the collective. 

AJ – Become Your Higher Self Podcast

To provide social impacting content to help move society forward with not often accessible content !!!! Which we are providing !!! 

Kimberly Harriel

I podcast to tell the untold stories of extraordinary people that I meet through golf. The golf industry and media overlooks our stories and I want to make sure these stories are captured and archived for eternity. I podcast because I believe podcasting gives a voice to the voiceless. The goal of TeesMe is to highlight the untold stories of people that know the relevance of golf in this world and how playing (or not) impacts their lives. The impact on professional and personal growth is different for every individual, and that goes beyond golf. Golf is a tool that can build an inclusive corporate culture and I love to show people how, in every episode. Real life stories, from real people that I have the honor of sharing.

LJ – Tees Me

It’s fun to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a long time and have fun talking to them, or meeting new people to discuss their lives. It’s fun for me, I enjoy it.

Jordan – Jordan Learns Everything

We podcast because we want to bring our audience valuable insights into the world of product design!

Beth – The Product Design Podcast

We podcast because we believe stories have the power to help kids discover their creativity, curiosity, and what makes them remarkable. 

Jodi – Dorktales Storytime Podcast

Why do I podcast? Because it’s a great way to share stories that otherwise wouldn’t be heard! 

Rachanee – Ex Pat

I podcast because years ago my voice was silenced in my workplace. The threat of being fired every month if I spoke out was stressful but I spoke out anyway…and was fired.

I told myself then, that no one will ever silence my voice. One month after being fired I started my first podcast, Conversations Under the Table. A few months after that, I started a media company.

Everyone has a right to speak out when they see injustice or unfair treatment without fear of being fired. My hope is that others will find their voice and contribute to the world of podcasting in any way they can. You never know who you will inspire.

John – Conversations Under The Table

My boss wanted me to start a podcast for our company, and I went in kicking and screaming because I was completely intimidated by the sound board and production aspect. I have found so many great resources online and have managed to figure out how to do everything. I schedule guests, write the questions, record the episodes, edit, post, and promote every episode. We are 28 episodes in, posting once a week. It is now the favorite part of my job.

Sherri – The Clear Impact Podcast

Northeast Mississippi Community College podcasts to help raise awareness for issues and events that affect the college community — its employees, students, and the community surrounding Northeast. Not only do we feature our President Dr. Ricky G. Ford, but we also have a rundown of events and happenings that people tune in to learn about each week. With the pandemic, the podcast saw a shift from live in-studio guest to President Ford and host Will Kollmeyer leading the charge as the college faced something it had never faced in over 70 years of existence — a global pandemic that has led to changes throughout education. President Ford has now been on 66 straight weeks (as of Tuesday, September 28, 2021) and will continue to do so until he feels that it safe to return to normal operations. President Ford uses the podcast not only as a way to get the message out about the pandemic but to allow the students, employees and area community a chance to see what the college is going through, its events and happenings and give them an insight into different political actions such as the legislative agenda for the community colleges in the state of Mississippi as well as other events happening in and around the campus. Prior to the pandemic, we had 2-3 or up to 9 guests on the podcast to help promote events and bring light to people who are doing good things for Northeast or to celebrate the college and their accomplishments. 

Michael – Tiger Talk Podcast

I’m administrative director of the not-for-profit Coney Island History Project and co-producer of Coney Island Stories. Researching and writing our podcast and working as a team to produce it is one of our proudest accomplishments of the past very difficult months. Creating a podcast from some of the nearly 400 oral histories in our archive was a long-cherished goal. It was only because of having to transition to all-virtual programming during the pandemic and working from home that we finally had the time to do it.

Tricia – Coney Island Stories

I can reach out to my target audience and talk openly about issues that are generally cloaked in silence  in India: menstruation, adolescence, sexuality education, right to consent , relationships…I can immerse myself in the world of the characters i’ve created, and script their thoughts, ideas, concerns. I can use my voice to bring about social change! 

Iqbal – Haaye Yeh Jawaaani!

When I started working at my current job, I had a hard time explaining what I did. I would tell people I worked with agronomy, and they wouldn’t know what that was (short version: Did you eat today? Thank agronomy). At the same time, I started proofreading magazine articles that were talking about SUPER cool science (e.g. how to farm on the moon, how to brew better beer, etc.). We started the Field, Lab, Earth podcast out of those two things: wanting to educate the general public about the cool science that does so much for our world and celebrating the amazing, mind-blowing science our authors do.

Abby – Field, Lab, Earth

I had a great speaking voice, but I knew that only was not enough. After attending a poetry class, I realized I could recite poems, very well. I began writing poems in 2020 but I was very  terrible at oral poetry. So what did I do? I began voicing poems, almost every day. I made sure I did something, no matter how little. What did I discover? I liked it, so so much. I liked what I created with my voice. I sent it to few people. They loved it, said my voice was shooting and calm, very good for the mind. I liked that my voice was able to do that to them, so I began poetry podcasting to actually put a smile on people’s faces. Most people are still surprised when they discover it’s my voice. They say I don’t look like my voice. I embarked on this podcast journey to make myself and other persons happy. I’m giving poetry a voice you can actually hear and I’m so happy about it.

Oresanya – Voiced By Oluwapelumi

I podcast because the stories I share are necessary for my listening audience and need to be heard in order to heal. Sometimes people just need a real life person to relate to and another way to look at a situation they are in so they can get out. My podcast is specifically for black women who are accustomed to being so strong that they get lost in the shuffle. 

JuNene K. – Even SuperWoman Needs Therapy

I podcast because sharing people’s stories to help bring us together gets me out of bed in the morning, and being able to share those stories directly with my audience is absolutely awesome!  No managers or gatekeepers to deal with — just my journalism training and instincts to guide us toward courageous conversations. My only regret is that I didn’t start my podcast sooner!  

Linda – Our Voices Matter Podcast

As a novelist, I created Happiness Between Tails to speak to and from the heart. The podcast is where lovers connect — those of pets, authors, reading, and my soon-to-be-released novels. (The stories will also be serialized into podcasts!)“Flamenco + the Sitting Cat” and “Tango + the Sitting Cat” are my love letters to all who fear they’re too odd, too damaged, too old, too whatever to find love and happiness with or without a partner.

da-AL – Happiness Between The Tails

I podcast for the people! I love to encourage my listeners and share stories of hope!

Misty –  By His Grace podcast

I love podcasting because it gives me an opportunity to connect with my community. I share tips, interviews, and ways to relieve stress.

Antonia – Wellness For You

I podcast to connect with my community! It’s such a privilege to land in my course creators’ ear buds each week – and build a relationship with them. 

Julie – Course Creators HQ

I podcast because I believe that everyone should have a garden – even if it is just one pot on a windowsill. There is no such thing as a black thumb, just lack of growing knowledge!

Kathy – Garden DC