3 Unique Waveforms To Include In Your Podcast Videos

One of the many ways we have made it easy for you to customize your promotional podcast videos on the Headliner app is by offering a wide selection of waveforms. We have tons of options to choose from, and many are unique to Headliner and can’t be found anywhere else! We’ve designed waveforms that we think look dope, and we love to see how our users include them in their podcast videos. Here, we’re going to share 3 videos made by Headliner users that include some of our favorite, most unique, and most eye-catching waveforms. 

3. This Extraordinary Life

If you feel pulled towards something greater, or have always wanted to set out on a grand adventure to experience as much as you possibly can, then you might just love a podcast called This Extraordinary Life. Hosted by Kevin D. Monroe, each episode depicts extraordinary tales from extraordinary people who have learned how to make their lives extraordinary in far simpler ways than you might imagine. 

To promote an episode featuring a conversation with Gratitude At Work founder Steve Foran, Kevin shared an awesome Headliner video with his followers on Twitter. The video features a bright orange background, the show’s logo, and a smiling photo of special guest Steve Foran, but none of that is the main attraction of the video. Placed in the center of Steve’s photo, a circular dot waveform spews outwards towards the outer corners of the video. Appearing almost like an undulating jellyfish, this unique waveform is one that is perfect for someone who likes a well-rounded video. 

2. Prickly & Blooming

Prickly & Blooming is a conversational weekly podcast created by the Lajoie Society that features personal narratives from people that have experienced difficult, stressful, and impactful moments in their lives. Each week, host Jessie Browning asks guests “have you ever had a moment you thought, ‘this can’t be my life,’ then what did you do about it?” Special guests discuss everything from divorce, responsibility, and family to sobriety, mental health, and relationships. 

To promote a recent episode featuring Jen Hirst, sober coach, and mom of two, the folks at Prickly & Blooming shared a beautiful pastel-colored podcast video complete with one of our absolute favorite waveforms. The waveform in question is a delightful combination of graphic spikiness and soothing smooth waves, creating a super eye-catching and mesmerizing effect. To further soften the graphic look of this waveform, the folks at Prickly & Blooming customized the color, making it a dusty, pastel pink. 

1. Gill Athletics: Track and Field Connections

Luckily, there’s a podcast out there for everyone, and if you adore track and field, Gill Athletics: Track and Field Connections might be the one for you! Gill Athletics is hosted by Mike Cunningham and features stories of success, failure, and growth from track and field athletes and coaches at every level of their careers. Celebrating each guest’s positive contributions to the world of sports, and offering inspirational advice, this is the kind of podcast you’ll want to listen to while you work out. 

When Mike shared this amazing Headliner video with his followers on Twitter, he included one of our newest and most favorite waveforms. Popping up from the bottom, this multi-colored waveform almost looks like flames lapping at the bottom of the video, making this one of our most unique and most popular waveform options. Mike kept the rest of the video simple, letting the rainbow waveform have the spotlight and draw in the attention. 

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