3 Great Podcast Videos Featuring the Cubetica Template

We designed the Headliner app to be easy to use, whether or not you have any experience with video editing. Users can create fully customized videos using our variety of simple but effective tools, including a range of pre-made templates. Templates can be used as-is, with their pre-set backgrounds and graphics, or can be customized once you reach the final steps of creating your Headliner video. 

One of our most popular template options is called “Cubetica” and features a rotating 3D cube that can be customized to include an image of your choice on all six of its sides. We’ve seen Headliner users create some incredible videos using Cubetica as the starting point, and are always amazed at how many creative the final results are. This week, to celebrate your creativity,  we’re sharing 3 amazing podcast videos created by Headliner users featuring the Cubetica template. 

3. Caffeinated & Confident

The Caffeinated & Confident podcast, hosted by JP and Harlow, is a podcast encompassing the two friends’ many interests: life, fitness, and of course, coffee. Caffeinated & Confident focuses on helping listeners to find balance in their lives through fitness, building support systems, and having an adventure now and then. Each week, the pair discuss their own lives, delve into current events, and talk to friends and special guests. 

Episode 33 of Caffeinated & Confident featured special guest and long-time friend of JP and Harlow, Michael Warren. The trio delve into serious discussions surrounding recent events, specifically focusing on police brutality, racism, the COVID-19 era, and staying happy and sane amid it all. To promote the episode, the folks at Caffeinated & Confident shared an awesome Headliner video that features the Cubetica template. 

The rotating cube already makes Cubetica a super eye-catching template, so the folks at Caffeinated & Confident kept it simple by adding the podcast logo to the cube, and using a bright orange color to accent their text and waveform against a simple blue background. 

2. Huddle Up With Gus

If you like football, history, and plenty of camaraderie, Huddle Up With Gus is the podcast for you. Hosted by veteran NFL QB Gus Frerotte and his long time friend Dave Hager, Huddle Up With Gus is the kind of podcast that will have you reminiscing about your early days of watching sports, and wishing you could meet your athletic heroes. Each week, Gus and Dave talk to a special guest about how sports, careers, and life decisions have impacted the way they live. 

For an episode released at the end of August 2020, Gus and Dave sat down with comedian and massive sports fan Tom Arnold, discussing his early life and career as well as how sports impacted his life growing up in rural Iowa. Tom reveals why so many people from Iowa play football, discusses his particular love of the NY Giants, and shares touching tales from his early days of making his dad laugh. 

The folks at Huddle Up With Gus shared an excellent promotional video to announce the release of the episode, using the hypnotic perpetual movement of the Cubetica template to pull their audience in. Sure, that rotating cube could have you fixated for quite some time, but add Tom Arnold’s head to the mix, and you’ve got a downright mesmerizing video! 

1. The David Cassidy Connections

The David Cassidy Connections podcast is dedicated to the memory of ‘70s superstar David Cassidy, and covers both the history of the extraordinary musician and shares stories from fans and colleagues that were forever affected by his work. Host Louise Poynton, an award-winning journalist, is the author of Cherish David Cassidy – A Legacy of Love, which has been nominated for a Best Book award. Guided by Louise, listeners travel through the legacy of the late superstar, enjoying a front-row seat to stories of his early, professional, and personal lives. 

A relatively new podcast, Louise shared a super-simple but eye-catching Headliner video to promote the new series just a few weeks ago. Using Cubetica, the folks at The David Cassidy Connections podcast really leet the template shine, adding a white background to contrast the bright pink 3D cube featuring the show’s eye-catching logo. 

We are always on the lookout for new, creative ways you are using the Headliner app, and love to see the amazing videos you create! If you want to be featured in a future blog like this one, be sure to share your Headliner creations to Instagram or Twitter, and tag @HeadlinerVideo to make sure we see it!