10 Best Podcast Promotion Videos of the Week – August 13, 2020

Our users never disappoint when it comes to using the Headliner app to create super creative podcast promotion videos, and this week is no different! No need for long introductions, let’s dive right into our 10 picks for best podcast videos of the week:

10. Acupuncture West London

If you are fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, then Acupuncture West London is the podcast for you! Who knew there was so much to learn about acupuncture, but the folks at Acupuncture West London are proving that there’s more to the practice than most of us know. Designed for practitioners of acupuncture and people with a casual interest alike, each episode delves deep into the specifics of classical Chinese philosophy and medicine. To promote the second episode which features long-time acupuncturist Deborah Woolf, the folks at Acupuncture West London shared a simple Headliner video with a simple waveform.  

9. The Shy Show

If you love sports and a good family chill-sesh, The Shy Show is the podcast for you. Hosted by Sharon Brown and her grown children Destiny and James, The Shy Show is all about having a great time cutting up with family and talking about sports. This week, Sharon and her kids talk all about the NBA bubble, and in particular, games played this week by the Lakers, the Rockets, and the Trailblazers. The folks at The Shy Show shared an awesome promotional podcast video with their Twitter followers, which features the show’s logo combined with a basic waveform. 

8. Heal Your Hole

The Heal Your Hole podcast with Norma Sheahan might not sound like the answer to your problems, but if you’ve got something missing in your life and need to laugh on through it, you need to heal your hole! The hilarious Norma Sheahan hosts this weekly comedy podcast to heal the various holes in our lives with stories, lessons, and lots of laughs. This week, Norma’s tackling a new method of reducing coronavirus spread…glory holes. Check out her amazing Headliner video for a preview of this uproariously funny ep!  

7. Making Pittsburgh Healthy

Created by host Dr. Aaron Tressler, Making Pittsburgh Healthy is a podcast dedicated to addressing community health and wellness in the city of Pittsburgh. Seeing a worrying surge in poor health, natural healing advocate Dr. Tressler saw an opportunity to share his message and impact his own community. Each episode of the Making Pittsburgh Healthy podcast features lessons on fitness, nutrition, mental health and wellness, natural supplementation, and more. This week, Dr. Tressler sat down with Stacey Chillemi to discuss her journey with epilepsy and natural health, and shared an excellent promotional podcast video to spread the word about the episode. 

6. Bibliomaniacs 

Bibliomaniacs is about some of this century’s best books, but not just any books. If you’re a super-fan of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Stranger Things, this is the podcast for you! Seriously, that’s all they cover, but they go so deep into these cult-favorite stories that there is more than enough to talk about. Sure, it’s a simple concept, but sometimes simple is the way to go! To promote the podcast, the folks at Bibliomaniacs recently shared a super simple Headliner video that definitely proves that sometimes simple is better. 

5. House of #EdTech

The House of #EdTech podcast explores how new technology is changing how teachers teach, and how students learn. The host of House of #EdTech is Christopher Nesi, a high-school teacher and university professor with a passion for education and a penchant for technology. This week, Christopher shared an awesome Headliner video to promote the latest episode which covers everything new from Google for the 2020 school year. 

4. Little Dose of Taiwo

The Little Dose of Taiwo is a biweekly podcast hosted by Taiwo Daffodil featuring everything from casual banter about what’s happening in the world today to serious advice on topics like mental health and relationships. This week, Taiwo talks feminism, patriarchy, and gender roles with a special guest, and shared an amazing podcast video to promote the ep!

3. Behind the Wheel Podcast

The Behind the Wheel Podcast hosted by Derek Oxley focuses on the stories and achievements of endurance athletes and runners, though they sometimes run off course to talk about culture, life, and politics. Last year, Derek was interviewed by the Headliner team about how he uses the app, and this week, he shared the podcast video of the interview. 

2. Reset Your Thinking

The Reset Your Thinking podcast features stories from thousands of individuals who have conquered their own thinking patterns to become the best versions of themselves. Host Alexandra Egan is a master in the art of communication, and brings her skill for storytelling and highlighting the accomplishments of others to her podcast. This week, Alexandra shared an excellent Headliner video to promote the latest episode of the Reset Your Thinking podcast. 

1. Brand Party

Christine, host of the Brand Party podcast features interviews and lessons from entrepreneurs and business owners on how to build a brand! Each episode is chock full of actionable insights and lessons, and a healthy dash of enthusiasm to keep you feeling great about your work. This week, Christine shared a few Headliner video clips of popular past episodes, complete with tons of bright colors and neon waveforms. 

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